Michael Kruger

Who am I?

I am Michael Kruger, a postdoctoral researcher currently working in the Dryden low speed wind tunnel at the University of Southern California (USC).

I graduated with my PhD at USC in December 2021, where my research focused on the computational modeling of aircraft systems that use electrical propulsion, under the guidance of Professor Alejandra Uranga.

Where my PhD work was computational in nature, my current work is experimental, allowing me to be hands-on with various tasks, from fabricating models to setting up hardware-software interfaces and data acquisition pipelines.


TLDR; Here is a one-pager PDF version of my resume: Single page PDF resume

Contact Information

Spam-resistant email (hopefully): michaelkrugerus (at) the google one
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Work Experience

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Academic Publications

Preprints to some publications available for download here.


The basic ideas behind lean manufacturing were created at Toyota and is the 'magic sauce' behind Toyota and much of Japan's success in manufacturing. The ideas were formalize in Taiichi Ohno's book Toyota Production System.

Altough originally aimed at the manufacturing industry, the basic ideas of 'lean' are applicable to most facets of life, and I try to incorporate them into a lot of what I do. For a lean introduction to lean, read 2 Second Lean by Paul Akers.


LaTeX template for USC PhD Thesis: link.